Be Who You Are . . . 3 Tips for Getting Out of the Comparison Game

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Published: 23rd October 2012
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WHOA! Really? Itís OK to just be ME?


Itís a freeing, energizing thought, isnít it? - being real Ė being yourself.

Sounds simple and fun, kinda takes one back to the Hippies era of the 60s. Groovy!
But itís somewhat of a struggle for most of us. Why? Because being who you are means getting out of the comparison game.

We start playing the comparison game early in life Ė seeing what other kids wear to school and wanting to dress like them. Peer pressure weighs heavily on kids . . . and the comparisons spill over into all areas of childhood Ė toys, clothes, talents, grades, body types . . . and add to that the IPods and cell phones and computers in todayís culture.

As adults, we continue the silly game. We measure ourselves up against othersí clothes and cars and houses; exercise regimens and vacations and jewelry; RVs and boats and condos. We compare the churches we attend, the clubs we belong to . . . and on and on it goes.

At work, we compare our skills and abilities and salaries with all our co-workers.

As parents, we compare how our kids behave and how they excel in school and sports.

In the internet marketing business we compare the number of leads we have, how many visitors we have to our blog, how many comments, how many Facebook friends we have or Twitter followers.
If you find yourself caught up in the comparison game, itís time to say, ďSo what!Ē

So what to everything that jumps in front of you and causes you to play that defeating game.

What if it didnít matter to you what others have, what they look like, what they do . . . what difference would that make in your life?

Here are 3 tips to help you be who you are Ė to help you stop playing the comparison game. You can start using them now to destroy the dark comparison cloud that hangs over you and become the real you.

1. Be Happy Now . . . Be content with WHAT IS right now. If you grasp any of these tips, this is the one that will make the biggest difference. When you choose to be happy now, it doesnít matter what others have, what they do, how they look. Itís your choice to find happiness and peace in this moment, right where you are now.

2. Be Kind To Others . . . be a gift to their day. Share a smile, give a compliment, give power and encouragement to someone with your positive words. Do this to everyone you meet, pass on the street, stand in line with at the grocery store . . . itís a simple gift that has immeasurable value.

3. Celebrate the Lives of Those Around You. Be joyful for what they have, what they accomplish, when they receive raises, when they go on cruises. Instead of carrying the ďPoor MeĒ grudge around with you, release it and instead do the Happy Dance when you hear someone tell of their good fortunes.

If you will do these three things on a daily basis, the comparison game will be finished and you will be free to be who you are.

Itís a lesson we learned when we chose to live full time in our RV Ė our friends and family thought we were crazy!

Remember . . . You are a beautiful, amazing, talented and adored being on a path that no other being has traveled.

Itís a challenge to stop playing the comparison game that has been engrained in your subconscious for your whole life. But itís a feat that can be mastered. A few simple tweaks in your thought process and actions will lead to victory from comparison living that drains the life right out of you to a contented life that fills you with gratitude.


Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind donít matter, and those who matter donít mind.ĖDr. Suess

Lovin the words to this this song ďIíve Gotta Be MeĒ made famous by Sammy Davis Jr.

Whether Iím right or whether Iím wrong
Whether I find a place in this world or never belong
I gotta be me, Iíve gotta be me
What else can I be but what I am

Got it? GOOD! Let us know if these tips help you get out of the comparison game, help you be who you are.

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